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Noodles and Company is a unique chain of fast casual restaurants that combines speed and affordability to a fine dining experience. It is currently in the phase of strengthening its base in an industry and a world full of pizzas, sandwiches and burritos. The low cost of the healthy and nutritious cuisines available at Noodles and Company make delivery of the dishes an unwise business decision. Hence, Noodles and Company does not do deliveries. However, with continued expansion and a future revision of the pricing policy, Noodles and Company may have the home delivery option available in coming years.

In the meantime, for people of all ages who are always on the go and crunched for time, the option of placing an order online is available. Most of the 260 restaurants have the option of ordering online and picking up freshly cooked made to order dishes. In addition, one also has the option of calling or faxing the restaurant in your locality with a meal of your choice. The orders can be collected at the ‘to-go’ area in the restaurants.

Even if you wish to dine at our restaurants but do not want to wait while the meal is being prepared, you can place an order before coming to the warm, inviting, relaxing and tip free environment at Noodles and Company. You can then enjoy the culinary delights of your choice that you have pre-ordered to your heart’s content.  Real China and silverware instead of paper cups and plates and plastic crockery completes the fine dining experience at Noodles and Company restaurants.

The Noodles and Company menu is available online and you can choose from a wide variety of Asian, American and Mediterranean cuisines along with an assortment of rich and tasty noodles, sandwiches, salads and soups. You can also, customize the meals as per your choice.

In addition, Noodles and Company feels that beer and wine go well with the cuisines that are served at Noodles and Company. Hence, several varieties of beer and wine are available at the restaurants, though preference is given to locally brewed beverages.

One can place an order online at any of the restaurant websites. Please visit the link given below to check whether the Noodles and Company restaurant at your locality offers the option of ordering online.


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